Hello.  I'm Brandt Flomer.

I have over 15 years of experience as a design professional, helping organizations identify and realize opportunities to create more meaningful brands, products, services and customer experiences that can help them thrive in a connected world. 

Part strategist, part designer and part management consultant, I’m an integrative thinker and effective design communicator who is able to build empathy, drive focus and motivate action that yields award-winning, commercially successful creative solutions.  I'm passionate about developing strategies for brand-led and customer-focused innovation and leveraging experience design as a significant source of strategic differentiation.  

Regardless of the scope of the design challenge, my goal is always to creatively articulate a bold future, but know what it takes to get there—not just in designing for emerging technologies, but also in building on top of existing realities of people, processes and legacy technologies. Thinking big, but starting small—based on today. A great idea isn’t, if you can’t execute it. Conversely, greatness is found by embracing the challenging bits and grappling with what you find down new paths.